Crypto Friendly Prepaid Card.

Ordering your Card

Q: How to order your Prepaid VISA Card?

To order your Prepaid VISA Card, please sign up to our system and pass through identification process.

Card Delivery

Q: How fast will I receive my Card?

Card is delivered by Deutsche Post and it takes around 1 - 2 weeks depending on your Country of residence.

Q: Is there any courier option?

There is a courier option available at additional fee.

Q: Is delivery cost included in the Card ordering fee?

Delivery by Deutsche Post is included in the Card ordering fee.

Card expiry period

Q: When will my Card expired?

The expiry period of each Card is set to 5 years.

Q: Will you re-issue my Card after expiry period?

Card will be issued to you after expiry period at the cost of new Card order.

Card fees and limits

Q: What are the card fees and limits?

Card fees and limits can be viewed at the Fees section of the website on the main page.

Card activation

Q: How do I activate my Card?

Card activation instructions are provided in the envelope that you will receive by post together with your card.

PIN Setup

Q: How do I setup and activate my PIN?

You can setup your PIN during the Card activation process. In order to get your PIN activated, please visit nearest ATM machine and select Card balance option. Detailed instructions will also be provided in the envelope with that you will receive by post together with your card.

Card has not arrived

Q: What to do if my Card has not arrived?

If you have not received your Card in 2 weeks, please contact us by [email protected] Please also check your address that you provided is correct.